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How many data points does it take to call something a trend?With the hack and subsequent data dump of the internal files of Hacking Team, a company most of us never even knew existed until this week, the world is getting to see a very public examination of the naked inner workings of an organization.Phil Fish (Powerword: Jacques Paul Philippe Poisson) is a shitty video game designer and LITERAL CRIMINAL who received immense praise following his creation of a Super Paper Mario rip-off called "Fez".A filthy hipster, Fish is widely reviled on the internet mostly because he's a douche and a drama whore.In a letter to Time Inc., the Guild says that four writer-editors were laid off "out of seniority order" based on the rankings in the spreadsheet above.

Sometimes, I email a woman who seems a perfect match yet receive no response.

Perhaps a writer would reflect on (and track his life through) a journal, or even fiction or poetry, but my medium is rows upon rows of data.

And not just at work: I have spreadsheets to track my finances, the books I’ve read, the countries I’ve visited and which combinations of friends might enjoy a dinner party together — that would be the very useful “friend interaction matrix,” responsible for many a successful social gathering whose participants were brought together, unwittingly, by spreadsheet.

into its own company, an act of jettisoning print publications once and for all.

Earlier this year, the company report to the business side of the company, a move that signals the full-scale dismantling of the traditional wall between the advertising and editorial sides of the company's magazines. spreadsheet that was used to rank and evaluate "writer-editors" at provided this document to the Newspaper Guild, which represents some of their employees, and the union provided it to us.) The evaluations were done as part of the process of deciding who would be laid off.

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