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It's important to remember, however, that most professors are professors because they like teaching and interacting with college students.Knowing how to get to know your college professors might just end up being one of the most rewarding skills you learn during your time in school.These smaller group discussions will provide an opportunity to revisit topics in a more comfortable forum and with the personal attention you may want.There is no question that taking large lecture classes is a daunting prospect.Each new semester brings new academic and personal relationships and, unfortunately, not all of them can be a perfect match.

If you want to get to know your professor and you are interested in his/her subject area, then take some of the other courses they offer at the upper level. Professors, like me, must hold office hours at set times as part of our jobs.Now, I should say that I don’t consider it an altogether bad thing that some of my students found me or my course intimidating.To a certain extent, that was the effect I was going for, at least at the start of term.And, again as usual, what I’ve tried to focus on in them is not the outliers (good or bad) but any pattern of feedback (I last year.I did find one, and it was something I hadn’t seen before: a number of comments from students in my section of our first-year “Introduction to Literature” class who felt I was “intimidating.” It wasn’t by any means a unanimous perspective, but enough students used that very word to give me food for thought.

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