Is windows still updating xp Is it posible to view a person s profile on adultvideodating site without registration

Today we’re announcing that soon we will no longer support Windows XP as a platform.Of course we take deprecating platform versions very seriously. This decision was made taking into account both the fact that a very small percentage of our users are on Windows XP and that this will help us move forward to improve future Spotify Desktop app updates.

Your Norton products will continue to support Windows XP for the foreseeable future.

Both answers given say it, but I don't consider them clear enough.

This lead me to add an answer of my own, just to clarify things.

Microsoft stopped providing updates for Windows XP since april 1st 2014. The Windows Update functionality won't stop, but no updates that fix security leaks in Windows XP will be patched, meaning that the longer you use Windows XP the bigger the chances are that your pc becomes infected with spyware and a hacker can take over your pc installing randsomware and other crap.

Especially old pc's had a problem because updating to a newer OS meant that it just would not be possible due to the performance.

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