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A pixel art game where many prepubecent children hang out to find a new e Girlfriend/e Boyfriend.

Habbo is raided by nigras who close the pool becuase it has AIDS.

As with anything else which we consume in such magnitude, there are realistic impacts and effects, positively or negatively.

In this paper, I would like to explore the negative affects the Internet have on us; specifically: Cyber Housewives Addicted to the Internet: Why & How it Negatively Affect Spousal Relationships in Web-Friendly American Households today.

For example, compulsive gambling, shopping, pornography use or gaming.

Sinalakay ng mga tauhan ng National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) nitong Biyernes ang isang apartment sa may Governor’s Village, PNB Subdivision sa Dipolog City matapos mapag-alaman na ginawa umano itong cybersex den.

This activity has proven to be most common among Internet users aged between 16 and 24, of whom 75 per cent posted messages and 50 per cent uploaded self created content in 2010.

Though social networking is an activity heavily associated with younger generations, in 2010 31 per cent of Internet users aged between 45 and 54 used the Internet to post messages.

Recognizing these signs can serve as a wake-up call, letting the user know that it's time to cut back.

In the first part of my history of early online LGBTQ spaces, I focused on the newsgroup soc.motss and the singular group of people it drew together.

But to get to soc.motss, you had to have access to a Usenet news server, which was unavailable to those without an academic or institutional connection in the 1980s and early ’90s.

As it stands, IAD is not officially recognised as a clinical disorder, though an increasing body of research and evidence is establishing internet addiction as a public health concern, with many leading health experts now advising it be officially recognised as a clinical disorder.

The condition exists in many subtypes, all of which are essentially characterised by excessive, overwhelming or inappropriate use of online activities, which if done in person would usually be considered negative.

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